Heneise Update: We’re Still Stateside 🇺🇸

Though we planned to arrive in Haiti 🇭🇹 November 7, our plans have changed a bit.

What happened? We planned to arrive in Port au Prince and then take a helicopter to the Haiti180 mission, which is located in a very remote part of southern Haiti. Taking the helicopter avoids having to drive through Port au Prince, which is not known to be the safest of cities. Unfortunately our helicopter pilot couldn’t obtain a certain required certification in time, and we decided that it would be better to postpone our trip rather than risk having to drive through PauP. 

So here we are, still stateside, and trying to be patient while we wait on things that are outside our control.

Special thanks to everyone who has offered prayers for us and for our mission! And special thanks to everyone who has supported our mission financially. If you’d like to support our mission, please go to https://memberdrive.org/haiti180/heneise-family.

Find out more about our mission, Haiti180, at https://haiti180.com.


Everything you wanted to know about our mission to Haiti

What’s the name of our mission?

Our mission is called Haiti180.

“At our core, the mission of Haiti180 is to create the opportunity to form well educated leaders of faith for the future of Haiti and to make sure every child in our care has a childhood that is filled with love and joy. With your love, support, and prayer, we have been blessed with the opportunity to broaden our focus, reaching out to the poorest of the poor from the young to the old professing God’s love through our developments in education, medical care, housing, and so much more for the kind and loving people of Haiti. We are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and together, we can turn it around.

What does the mission do?

Haiti180 runs an orphanage for about 40 children, a school for about 400, a home for the elderly, and a medical clinic. You can find out more about Haiti180 at https://haiti180.com/what-we-do/

What’s our mission affiliation?

Haiti180 is a Catholic lay apostolate. Though there is no official affiliation with the Catholic Church, the mission does work closely with Catholic priests and religious.

Where is our mission located?

Haiti180 is located in the southern peninsula of Haiti, near the villages of Duverger and Danndan approximately 80 miles west of Port au Prince. It’s a very remote area. The people who live in the mountains there have little access to health care, and the closest hospital is a long, uncomfortable distance over bumpy roads by motorcycle or car. 

Does the orphanage do adoption?

The orphanage does not do international adoption. Kay Mari (Mary’s House) provides a stable, loving, permanent home for children who have lost both their parents and have no known relatives.

When are we going?

Our trip starts November 7, 2020. We’ll be staying in Haiti until December 20, and then we’ll come back to Texas for Christmas. If all goes well, then we’ll be returning to Haiti in January.

UPDATE (Nov 5, 2020): our trip has been postponed for a few weeks. Our plan is to fly into Port au Prince and then take a helicopter from the PAP airport to the Haiti180 mission, which is very remote. Unfortunately our helicopter pilot wasn’t able to get a certification that is required to fly, and so we have to wait until he gets that certification. We are very disappointed, but we’re trusting God that everything will work out in the end for his glory. Thanks again to everyone who has kept us in your prayers.

What will we be doing?

Our goal is to serve the poor and demonstrate Christ’s love to people in Haiti through Christian service. Bethany has a passion for working with women and children, so she’ll be conducting health classes and training women in fertility awareness and women’s health. Ryan will be translating for Bethany and helping with administration at the clinic.

How can you support our work?

The most important way you can help is through your prayers. Please let us know if you pray a rosary for our family or for the mission. It would encourage us so much. You can also financially support Haiti180’s mission by joining Team180 on MemberDrive: https://MemberDrive.org/haiti180/ryan-and-bethany-heneise.

Other ways you can help

Can you visit us?

Yes! Haiti180 welcomes short-term missionaries. If you’d like to visit us, it might be possible to tag along with another mission team. Find out more at https://haiti180.com/go/.

Is it safe?

The city of Port au Prince is not a safe place. We will avoid the city entirely by boarding a helicopter directly from the Port au Prince airport. The helicopter will fly us directly to the Haiti180 mission, preventing us from having to travel by car through Port au Prince and the surrounding areas.

How can we keep in touch?

Haiti does not have a functioning postal service, so unfortunately there’s no mail. Fortunately we do have pretty good internet, so the easiest way to get in touch with us is via email. You can email us at our first names at Heneise.com.

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