Picture Updates

John Paul found a little friend, although she may like him a bit too much!
The mission provided us with a huge bag of flour, so we had to try some baking! We managed to make peanut butter cookies and carrot cake – without a single measuring cup or spoon!
One of the dogs at the orphanage had puppies last week!
We love having friends over to play LEGOS with us! This boy is a fantastic house builder!
We love eating all of our meals on the porch, overlooking the beautiful mountains.
Our cooking helper made us a wonderful fish dinner on Ash Wednesday.
A very special treat – we ordered one bag of mozzarella from the States, and made pizza. Our Haitian cook even declared that it was delicious!
John Paul found the laundry basin, and decided to have a little water play time!
We were able to buy measuring cups and spoons, and now the teenage girls from the orphanage come over regularly to learn how to bake bread and cookies.
Construction is going well on the future boys home, which may be our next home for a while!
A wonderful fellow missionary we met through Agape Flights gave us a huge donation of clinic supplies and medicines for the orphanage. Sister Florence is always so grateful for things like Tylenol and cold medicine.
Olivia was pretending to drive this old motorcycle, and her friends had fun pretending with her!


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