LETS Public Health Class

Last week, I was invited to the St. Mother Theresa Clinic to teach a public health class focused on women’s health and natural family planning. Doctor Dubréus, the clinic’s medical director, was very supportive and translated for me during the entire class.

Ryan, Bethany, and Dr. Dubréus leading the first LETS Public Health class

The class was taught to the clinic staff as part of their regularly scheduled clinic education. The clinic nurses, doctors, and auxiliary staff were present. Everyone was so excited to learn this material that is so important for both men and women to understand.

Dr. Dubréus translating

LETS is an organization that was founded in Haiti to teach fertility awareness in order to reduce abandoned children and the issues of child abuse and trafficking. The LETS training program teaches and empowers both men and women to understand their responsibility for family planning and fertility knowledge.

LETS bracelet

Everyone in the class was excited to receive their LETS bracelet. Women can use the bracelet to track their cycles, and men can even wear a bracelet in support of their partner. This method of natural family planning relies on the couple committing to communication and respect for choices.

Learning how to track cycles with the bracelet

This initial class was a great beginning – I hope that the clinic staff will now be interested in helping me teach this class to families in the community. It could have such positive far-reaching effects. I’m especially excited about teaching women and young people how to understand their fertility in a way that supports the beliefs of the Church. I pray that we can have more opportunities to teach this valuable information!

Nurse Cindia with her sweet baby


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