Mina, the Missionary Dog

Mina, our German Shepherd puppy, has adapted to life in Haiti wonderfully! She wasn’t allowed on the airplane with us, but another missionary airline, called Agape, agreed to fly her. After being away from her family for a week, she was so glad to see us again!

Right off the airplane! I missed you, Dad!

We brought Mina with us to be our guard dog- and she knows it! Here she is, making sure no one gets by our door without her permission.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep my family safe.

After a long hot day and lots of work and play, there’s nothing like lying in the shower.

Ohhh, yeah! Turn the water on a trickle, please.

There’s a big pile of white rocks in our backyard for making cement. Luke has been forbidden to climb on it, but there’s no keeping Mina away! She loves digging, even if it turns her into a Great Pyrenees.

I know I can get through this white mountain. I just need a little more time.

Mina found the perfect place to sleep- right under my bed! Unfortunately, she also found the perfect thing to chew- Ellie’s birthday present!


Although grooming isn’t Mina’s favorite time of the day, and she detests the flea spray (because it makes her smell nice), any time spent with the family is great with her!

Oh, yes! A little to the right, no not that far! Yes, that’s perfect. Thanks!

When you’re a dog, the world is your bed, and there are certainly a lot of choices for Mina. Today, she chose her red suitcase.

Shh, I’m trying to sleep.

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