Arriving in Haiti

We arrived in Haiti, I was very surprised when we landed on the runway. It was bumpy – all the other runways I have ever been on were smooth. When I felt that, I knew that I was in a very new place.

Once we got off the airplane, we went to pay our customs. There was a huge line, but the people working there let my family go through a really short line. After that we went to baggage claim – it was really packed and loud. Lucky for me I only had to stand and watch our stuff while everyone else went and found the baggage. Once we had found all of our baggage we took a “bus” out side to the helicopter. We were short on space for the baggage, and had to put the rest of the baggage by people’s feet. We arrived at the helicopter and got instructions for boarding. I was able to Co-pilot the helicopter it was very fun, and the view was amazing.

Once we got to Haiti 180 I was very amazed to see all the kids standing waiting for us. They all were excited to have us there. All the kids helped with our baggage, even though it was quite heavy (some of the bags were almost 40 LBS or 20 LBS). The kids helped each other, and walked up the stairs to our room we would be staying. Our room is very big with a lot of bunk-beds. I choose to sleep on a bottom bunk. I did not really like the thin metal bars used for climbing up. Ellie choose to sleep above me… I do not know how she likes it up there. Then again I like weird things.

For any meal time, they ring a bell three times. The first time meaning “Come get food.” The second time means “Hurry up get your food” and the third time means “Okay, Okay, HURRY UP it’s time to eat.” Almost everyone eats at different times. I prefer to come at the second bell. I think its best not to eat before everyone else and not to eat after everyone else. I love their bread (I think they make it themselves). It is like no other bread that I have tasted. The bread is extremely smooth and soft and with peanut butter its amazing. The rice that they make is also amazing – I love rice! The chicken legs are amazing as well, the only thing I do not really like is the bean sauce. Everyone tells me that I need to try it. A sweet 4 year old girl named Sarah made me try it. I did not want to be rude and tried it, It’s the nice thing to do right?

Every night and very morning there is prayer time – everyone goes to the chapel and has prayer time. They do a different prayer every day because if they did not the kids probably would get bored. I find it hard to go because I do not know what they are saying. I normally do go every single day though, although (I will not lie) I have skipped morning prayer.

The kids here are amazing – they are so sweet and fun to be around. They also love to learn. Once, I was on one of the swings there and was doing a weird contortion thing on the swing while it was moving. Naica was swinging with me and said “Teach me.” I was kind of nervous to teach her how to do this weird thing I came up with… but I did. I showed her step by step, the first step was to but the swing seat on your back, second step was to run forward with the swing still on your back, third step was to bring your legs up to the chains and wrap your one foot around the swing so you will not fall, forth step is to let go of the chains with both hands, fifth step is to bring one leg down (the one not keeping you from falling) and then grab your foot with your hand and bring it all the way past your head. (This is all while moving.) Naica did okay she could not bring her foot past her head she did however bring her legs up which is good. Naica saw me doing handstands, front walkovers, back bend kick overs, and a few more gymnastic moves. She wanted me to teach her, sadly I taught her but she did not get the hang of it.

One thing I am very surprised about is the internet. I was told the internet would never work. It is pretty terrible, but it is still okay to do some things. I have been able to go onto YouTube and email people, call my grandma and grandpa, and do quite a bit more. I was even able to make a You Tube video.

Me and friends!